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Contemporary Y

Contemporary Y


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What leads us to getting to the origins of being, of ourselves"?

Music brings us into worlds that we often have not experienced, have not lived through.

Atmospheres. Memories.

We do though actually participate in these worlds - archetypal - unfathomable.
This is what Contemporary Y is all about..

Miguel Perez Inesta conductor Spain
Leandro Saint-Hill Sopransaxophone Cuba
Balu Radjendrakurup Percusssion India
Hakim Ludin Percussion Afganistan
Alex Schwers Drums Ruhrpott
Max Solo Guitar Russia
Nora Steuerwald Soprano Germany
Natalie Ploeger Double Bass Germany
Josep Castanyer Alonso Violoncello Barcelone
Sam Brown Singer UK
LPS Cembalo
Sy‘zan Choir France-Italy-Germany
Valle Venia Orchestra Global
Berlin Music Ensemble Global

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