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Different Ways

Different Ways


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An album full of touching encounters with artists of different musical and personal histories.

A fantastic journey where the artists go a step of the way with each other, trustingly following impulses.

The songs tell of immersion, understanding and being understood. Leo Philipp Schmidt wrote the songs of this album and recorded them together with the artists. He was inspired by them and felt at home in their worlds.

The contributing artists from Canada, France, the US, Cuba, Finland, Germany and many other countries combine different influences that form a special musical experience within the songs.


Mathilde Irrmann • Natalia Sarsgard-Tsarikova • Jessie Brown Luke Levy • Olvido Ruiz • Owen Lee • Anne-Marie Waldeck Scott Ferguson Drums Canada • Alex Schwers Drums Ruhrpott Leandro Saint-Hill Soprano Saxophone Cuba • Larry Bjornson Double Bass Canada Natalie Ploeger Double Bass Berlin • Susan Wang Piano USA Artiom Ordiyants Violin Turkmenistan • Max Solo Guitar Berlin Josep Castanyer Alonso Violoncello Barcelona • Zoé Cartier Violoncello France John Campbelljohn Slide Guitar Canada • LPS Accordion - Piano Sy’zan Choir • Olga Holdorff Violin Greece/Germany Balu Rajendrakurup Percussion India • Berlin Music Ensemble

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